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Normal loan

This is given at a maximum of 3 times a member's savings (shares) subject to one's ability to repay i.e. 2/3 rule. Repayment period is maximum of 48 months. Interest charged is 1.125% per month on reducing balance. It is granted to finance development projects.


Normal Loan

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Exciting News:
SULUHU SACCO Loan Application Forms Get a Fresh Look with New Logo!

SULUHU SACCO is thrilled to announce an exciting change to our loan application process! We are refreshing the look of our loan application forms to reflect our commitment to modernity and progress. As a part of this transformation, we are unveiling a brand-new logo that symbolizes our evolving identity and vision for the future.

Our Dedication to Serve Our Customers

At Suluhu Sacco, we have always been dedicated to providing our members with excellent financial services. We understand that change is essential to adapt to the ever-evolving financial landscape and meet the diverse needs of our members. Our new logo represents this commitment to innovation and growth.