The society was
registered on 9th May 1995 by the Registrar of Co-operative
Societies as Mwingi Mwalimu SACCO Ltd with C/S Number 7497. The society has
since changed its name to SULUHU SACCO as part of its strategy to appeal to a
wider market segment away from the primary bond of teachers. The society’s core
membership initially comprised of both primary and secondary school teachers
and T.S.C secretariat including sister organizations like KNUT and BBF staff.
But it has opened its common bond to individuals working in the civil service,
private schools, business people and other institutions.

From its humble
beginnings in a small rented room with a pioneer membership of 27 members, the
society has grown steadily and now boasts of over 2,300 active members, who
have jointly contributed to put up a magnificent building, SULUHU SACCO Plaza,
where the society’s offices are domiciled. The Plaza also houses the society’s
Front Office or banking hall.


The Sacco, in 2018 AGM members resolved to change the name from MWINGI MWALIMU SACCO LTD to SULUHU SACCO LTD. This move gave the society a marketing advantage in its effort to expand both geographically and in membership.

To join us kindly download: Membership form and Next of Kin form